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Believe me, marketing needs management.

No matter how small, medium or big your company is, or even how long it has existed, one thing is right, it is essential that marketing happens in its essence, only afterwards, to become digital.

Therefore, we structure the way of planning and bring thought when we execute, with a methodology that already feeds us to be "the marketing arm" of more than 70 brands over the past 10 years.

We are experienced and dedicated minds, working as an outsourcing to be light, and adjusted according to the profile and moment of each company, giving rhythm and strengthening the marketing culture.

We work hands-on, with method, intelligence and focus on results.
Nice to meet you, we are handz.

Your right-hand man in marketing.
Believe it ;)

How we do?

Get to know our methodology!

We have a methodology that starts with the positioning of your brand to give direction to the management of marketing activities.

We have a methodology that starts with the positioning of your brand to give direction to the management of marketing activities.

Your team!

Your team!

Our clients ;)

Some say that ...

  • Working with handz has been excellent. In fact, we have intelligence and execution of top-tier marketing on an outsourced basis. Handz understands and breathes our needs and challenges. I am sure that this partnership that has lasted since before our foundation will last for many, many years of our trajectory.

    Denis Morante

  • When we started working with handz, we had no idea of the importance of marketing work for a company.
    We started literally from scratch, from brand building and positioning to go to market and lead generation. It was an essential work for the existence of Clínica Finit, thanks to them we managed to achieve our goals and, even in times of crisis, we grew. Today, with new plans, a new reality, we have resumed working with handz to reposition our brand in the market and set, with the certainty of reaching, new goals.

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    Dra. Paola Portugal Gouvêa Pini
    Clínica Finit

  • Handz brought an external and impartial view of the market and Marketing, which was very important in this period of changes that we are experiencing in the company.

    Marcelo Oliveira

  • For my business, the marketing area has always been very important, but it had never been done in a professional manner. When we hired handz, our need was to immerse ourselves in our brand, revisit our origins and outline a strategic plan for the coming years. It was a long work, but it gave us an objective view of what we needed to achieve future goals. We did the second stage of the job and handz was our Marketing department. He took care of everything related to that area. As none of the partners has experience in marketing, handz's work has given us confidence in investing in the right actions and has given us the time to think about other areas of the business.

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    Juliana Monteiro
    Glitz Mania


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